Established in 2006

Since 2006, CLEANTECH.SA, formerly EGPHIL Solar Solutions, has grown from small beginnings into a leading integrator of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solutions. In line with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision we aim to transform the conventional perception of energy consumption and generation to one that prioritizes sustainability.

We have successfully pursued an expansion strategy both in terms of developing offered innovative solutions and diversifying our client base across the different sectors.

We consider our Customers as our Partners, with whom we strive to provide up-to-date, reliable, feasible solutions that will make a positive impact towards a green future.

Our Services are crafted to be able to serve you from start to finish and beyond


Consultation and Design

We are solar and energy experts providing solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial establishments. We provide honest assessments to create long lasting relations with our clients. Through our engineering study, site survey, cost analysis, and creation of new construction plans or assessment of existing structures, we take pride in giving the best consultation experience and design. Composed of value-driven people, CLEANTECH.SA is proud to say that its employees carry good characteristics and use the best instruments to deliver the right service.

Supply and Installation

One of the most important factors that we always consider to give the highest quality of service to our clients is safety and security. Our services assure that clients receive the value of doing business with us by assuring that they receive what they have expected in their purchases and their expectation of its installation. We in CLEANTECH.SA guarantee that our people possess enough experience, have taken the right procedures of training, and are qualified to properly perform the installation disciplines of our products through the safest way possible.

Operation and Inspection

After safe installation procedures, our engineers also assure proper and expected performance of our solutions and demonstrate appropriate inspections and maintenance instructions of each system installed to verify that it remain fully functional.

Support and Maintenance

CLEANTECH.SA gives our all for our customers to have the best post-purchase experience through our support and maintenance efforts. If you have burning questions, we are always prepared to answer your concerns and address issues that may arise so we can provide troubleshoot. It does not only further raise the quality our service, but it also creates a deeper sense of relationship with our Solar Alternative Energy Patron.