Solution designed to naturally light your premises through the power of the sun. Daylighting benefits include increase in productivity and improved health and safety. With a wide range of product line, the product is applicable in homes, auditoriums, recreational facilities, schools, workshops, logistical and manufacturing facilities.

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Solatube International, made in United States of America, are the innovators and leading manufacturers of tubular daylighting devices.

Water Treatment

We also provide passive small scale wastewater water treatment solutions applicable for individual residences and small communities.

NIKKO, Made in Japan, is a Johkasou Wastewater treatment manufacturer with proud history, having supplied more than 1,000,000 units globally.


Ventilation solutions that result in favorable indoor conditions. Natural ventilators incur zero operational and maintenance cost. Fire rated models are also available, which would also function as smoke vents. Hybrid system provide consistent exhaust functionality with 80% savings compared to conventional exhaust fans. Our solution is the most efficient means of ventilation for non-air conditioned industrial and storage facilities.

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Bradford Ventilation, made in Australia, are the innovators or the vertical vane natural ventilators and with over 80 years of experience, remain as the lead R&D in the performance and innovation of natural ventilation systems.

Sustainable Building Materials

Since 2004, QuickDam have been providing flood control solutions to a variety of industries including industrial, commercial, hospital, educational, government & military, sports & recreation, personal use, and more.


QuickDam is a brand from the American company absorbent specialty products who see opportunity in challenges and aim to provide simple, reusable, environment-friendly solutions. The diversity of their products and customers proves the versatility of the company.